Love always - Ideas para San Valentín

Love always - Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming and for those of you who don't know, February 14 is also our anniversary, but today we don't have to talk about it... we just wanted to remind you because we already warned you,


As we were going, on Valentine's Day more than ever we like to give and receive love from the person or people we love, of course without forgetting that the main thing is the love we give ourselves.

We have created the love always collection, of course, full of hearts. And what makes it special? Your personal touch, create your own jewel by choosing where you want to put your heart: bracelet, thin necklace, thicker... It's up to you!

What makes a jewel unique is its meaning and we leave that to you. We have included in the love always collection finished jewels from our most special collection, our soul , and they are, without a doubt, the perfect gift.

The eternal rose: Symbolizes love and reflects its fragility in the form of a rose.

Real love: The heart is the reflection of the soul and the figure that represents love.

The romance: One of the last pieces of the collection, it symbolizes the connection between the sun and the moon.

In addition to detail, we also like to enjoy the day; a breakfast in bed, a sunset in front of the sea, the best views at the top of the city or an afternoon with a blanket and a movie...

And what to see on a day like this? Our top 3 love movies. These movies have taught us that affection towards others is shown and felt in very different ways and the best proof of love is not always what you expect.

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