Jewelry & other beautiful accessories with mediterranean soul.
heylove is a barcelona based jewelry brand since 2013. Our motto “Simple is beautiful” guides us in every step we take: from the design of our pieces to the atmosphere of our new store. The purpose of the brand is to offer a great variety of quality and design jewelry & inspire others with our mediterranean soul. And we are from that place that let us believe that summer is [also] a state of mind: Barcelona. 
The permanent collection Our Soul was born to transmit our culture and beliefs: intuition, women empowerment and other elements of our day to day life. We only sell silver and gold plated silver mixed with natural stones and zirconia. Materials are very important to us -.
The Magic is in You. 
We believe in the magic of every person that comes our way. Therefore we listen to all your needs and give you the best out of us. In 2013 we started off as a blog to show our products and saw the need of an online shop (2014 - ). We noticed the need to see and touch our products so we started attending the fashion markets in Barcelona and Madrid (2015). In 2017 we opened our first showroom in barcelona and 3 years later (2020) we have just opened the first store in our city.
Our aim is to enhance womens inner beauty through jewelry that represents themselves.