Important Questions and Answers


What is the Earring Studio?

It is a service that we offer to our clients to get new piercings in the earlobe. The service includes personalized advice taking into account the physiognomy and the earrings you want to wear.

What is it pierced with?

Studex is the brand that we use for both instruments and earrings to make the new perforations.

SYSTEM75™ is the name of the instrument we use. SYSTEM75™'s unique cartridge design allows the earring to be placed into the instrument without removing it from the sterile case, meaning we never touch the sterile earring or clasp.

Inside the cartridge, each earring is protected by a capsule that is not released until the piercing is done.

The earrings are sterilized individually. Whenever we use one unit of the pair, the other remains perfectly sterilized.

All the earrings pass a sanitary and quality control, and are sealed with the batch number of their sterilization.

SYSTEM75™ earrings offer the opportunity to make the piercing at the exact point of where we want to get the piercing.

Studex System75™ is completely silent, we won't scare you with any noise :)

All the materials used are hypoallergenic, their high quality is tested by American and European health standards.

In which areas can I get an earring?

We only pierce in the lobe and upper lobe of the ear. We do not do piercings in any area of ​​the cartilage. For that you should go to a specialist site that uses other drilling systems.

Where is the Earring Studio?

You can find our Earring studio in the three stores: Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and Madrid.

C/ Buenos Aires 44, 08036 Barcelona
C/ Paraires 29, 07001 Palma de Mallorca
C/ Hermosilla 49, 28001 Madrid

Do I have to make an appointment?

Yes, you can make the reservation in the following section in the location that suits you best. To request an appointment it is not necessary to make the payment but we ask you to notify us 24 hours in advance if you are not coming. So another person can book at your time.


Barcelona: todos los días que abrimos. De lunes a viernes de 11-14,30h & 16,30-20,30h.

Palma: todos los días que abrimos. De lunes a viernes de 11-14,30h & 16,30-20,30h. Sábados de 11-14,30h

Who can come to the Earring Studio?

Everyone from 18 years old.
Minors aged 16 and over must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We do not pierce children under 16 years of age.


Qué incluye

1. Asesoramiento personalizado.
2. El pendiente de primera puesta.
3. Revisión a las 6 semanas.
4. Descuento (-10%) para el pendiente de segunda puesta.
5. La loción post-perforación.


For the first setting we have surgical steel and 9k gold earrings. You can always choose a gold finish (gold plated in the case of steel) or silver (rhodium plated).

In total we have 10 models. In our stores you will be able to see and present all the options in the lobe. If you are not sure, we will advise you based on the shape of the lobe and taking into account if you wear other earrings.



It is important that you follow the instructions on caring for your new earrings.
This will make it heal faster and better.


Give him time and love. The earrings need a little attention the first few days. The healing time will depend on the healing capacity of each person (it is usually between 6 - 12 weeks). Don't be in a hurry, it's better to heal it right the first time.


If any of these signs appear, write to us or consult your doctor: redness, swelling, pain, sensation of having a pulse in the perforation or pus.


    First of all: wash your hands with soap and water. It is important that you clean the area of ​​the earring 1-2 times a day until it has healed. You can clean it with warm water and salt (this will help heal). Ask at your pharmacy if it becomes infected. In our stores you can buy Studex healing lotion (€2).


    It is not necessary that you move the earring every two by three. Avoid touching it unless it is to clean the area and move it gently so that it does not heal on top of the earring. Do not change the earring until you are sure that it is perfectly healed.


Esta es la loción para curar tus nuevas perforaciones. Si te haces un pendiente en nuestras tiendas, te daremos un botecito para ayudarte a cicatrizar. Si te has hecho el piercing en otro sitio, puedes comprarlo en nuestras tiendas físicas & online. Todas nuestras clientas aseguran que ayuda muchísimo.