Welcome to our handpoked tattoo pop up studio.
We turn our jewelry (and more) into tattoos.




I am Maria, the girl behind indiapia, a project that was born from a beautiful coincidence to become a lifestyle. For me, tattooing is a creative way to connect, travel and literally leave a mark on people's skin. It is working to continue living to the fullest and open up to new experiences, like the one that one day allowed me to dedicate myself to this ancestral art.




What is it?

We set up a handpoked tattoo studio in our shop in Barcelona. The artist: Maria Sobirà

When and where?

1 TIME A MONTH at the Heylove Barcelona studio C/ Buenos Aires 44, 08036 Barcelona. You will find the available dates in our calendar.


MADRID: September 2023

What technique do you use?

To make handpoked tattoos, use the same needle as the machine, but without it. It is all at hand, without electricity. The needle is attached to a single-use wooden stick as a support and pricks, point by point, in a very subtle way. This process is repeated about three times until it is completely outlined.

Ink : Uses PANTHERA black ink - approved in Spain (vegan and cruelty free ).

Is it hygienic?

Of course, all the materials you use are sterilized and/or single use. In addition, it has the mandatory hygienic-sanitary title to be able to tattoo, up-to-date vaccinations, as well as all approved health inspections and available to my clients.


It doesn't hurt, at most you can notice a little discomfort. In fact, with handpoked tattoos you feel much less pain than with machine-made tattoos, since the needle is much finer and does not drag.

The handpoked technique consists of constant very shallow punctures with a little bit of ink. Each person has a different sensitivity, so for some it can be annoying and for others it is even relaxing.

What can I tattoo?

Below we leave you the selection of tattoos that will be available at the event.

The size of the tattoos is 1.5 to 2 cm depending on the design.

How can I book an appointment?

You can only book an appointment through the calendar that you will find on this page. We do not book an appointment by whatsapp, mail, phone or instagram.

What price is it?

€60 and a part is paid when making the reservation (Maria will contact you) and the rest on the day of the event at the time of making the tattoo.

heylove by indiapia



  • His tattoos are characterized by highlighting the simplicity of beauty. Elements that we share and make us who we are: the sea, nature and life.

  • Nuestras joyas OUR SOUL convertidas en tatuajes.

  • You have it all, Save the Bees, Intuición, la Rosa Eterna y Real Love.

    & más.

  • Elementos que compartimos y nos hacen ser quien somos: el mar, la naturaleza y la vida.

Other frequently asked questions

More info.

how long does it take to get a tattoo

Appointments are 30 min. Because they are 1.5 - 2 cm tattoos, they are done in a short time.

How do I care for the tattoo?

Once you have made a handpoked tattoo you should take into account these recommendations for optimal care:

1. Take off the second skin after 24 hours

2. Apply the healing cream three times a day for three weeks and previously clean the area with soap and water.

3. Avoid swimming pool, beach, intense exercise and sauna in 7-10 days.

4. Avoid cosmetics and direct sun exposure during the first month. Once cured, you should always apply a high factor sunscreen and moisturizer afterwards.

5. When the tattoo line wrinkles, the skin will peel and fall off. It can produce a slight itch, but you should not scratch or pull skin. The tattoo will be fully healed after approximately three weeks.

In which cases we will not tattoo

1. In case of being allergic to pigments.

2. When there are skin conditions such as freckles, spots, warts or undiagnosed skin lesions in the area to be tattooed.

3. If you suffer from skin diseases such as psoriasis, hives, etc.

Other cases:

- If you suffer from any acute condition, such as local infections due to viral warts, herpes simplex or bacterial infections, phlegmon, conjunctivitis, etc. Depending on the area where you want to make the tattoo, it is better to wait for the pathological process to resolve itself.

- If you have very recently had aesthetic medical infiltrations, surgical interventions, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or have non-stabilized scars, recent burns, ulcers or bruises. In this case it is better to wait for the immune weakness to stabilize.

- Pregnancy or lactation: these are circumstances in which it is difficult to treat possible complications due to the danger of transmitting agents that may cause undesirable effects for the baby.

How is the tattooing process?

First you must have chosen the design and the area. Once you are sure, we will put a tattoo in the size and position you want to verify that you like it. Once you agree, start the tattoo.

consent must be signed

Yes. Everyone who wants to get a tattoo must read the risk document and sign.

I have to be of legal age

Yes. We will not tattoo anyone under the age of 18.