jewelry care

In the description of each product you can see the material with which each piece is made. Normally, all our products have 925 sterling silver as their base and main material and in the case of gold it has 1 micron of 18k gold. Thanks to the use of this material, the pieces do not stain the skin (as happens with other materials such as brass) and can last a lifetime.
Despite this, to maintain the shine of sterling silver / gold-plated sterling silver it is important that you take our advice into account. They are all very simple:
  1. Prevent the pieces from coming into contact with aggressive liquids: alcohol, cream, perfumes, chlorine water, etc.
  2. Store each piece separately. Contact with one another can scratch them.
  3. Try not to leave the pieces exposed to the sun for a long time.
  4. In the case of sterling silver, you can leave it to soak in water and neutral soap (just a few minutes) to remove the oxide layer. Then dry them carefully.
  5. Remember to take them off to shower. (If you forget one day nothing happens, but the continued use of the pieces under water causes the gold plating to be lost).
  6. From time to time, wipe the pieces with a dry cloth to remove any dirt.
We have the original TOWN TALK POLISH cloths for silver and gold plated silver. The SILVER cloth cannot be used for a piece that is bathed in gold because it contains an anti-oxidant chemical component to give the silver piece its shine from the first day.