Sol en Escorpio

sun in scorpio

Today, October 23, 09:24 hours, Spain entered the SUN in the sign, without a doubt, the DEEPER of the zodiac. SCORPIO!
the scorpio woman
They are cute and enigmatic! They create a season full of mystery and darkness, but is darkness a bad thing? Well of course not, only that you have to have the courage of scorpions to delve into the depths of our emotions and tirelessly navigate within ourselves looking for answers.
Women born under this sign are masters of sensuality, they inadvertently attract attention, and they know it! They use this gift with a high level of consciousness, this is their lethal weapon.
In addition, they are intense and passionate, they go for everything or nothing. This intensity with which they live means that figuratively, in this life, they can die and revive on many occasions like the PHOENIX. There is no other zodiac sign that has this highly developed capacity, they are unique!
They are faithful, selective women, great friends who, when they have let you into their most exclusive circle, will give everything for you and, beware! they value the truth more than anyone and any lie, no matter how small, they take it as a betrayal. And you don't want to see a scorpion betrayed!
The scorpion does not know about ranges of colors. People born under this sign usually have to work on the extremes in which they live, balancing that all or nothing, black or white, so as not to feel frustrated or disappointed, even by themselves.
In the Scorpio season we have the opportunity to connect with ourselves, whatever the sign you are, in order to see and go further.
Take advantage of this available energy and dare to look at yourself with that same passion that characterizes this sign and discover who you really are!
Tip: It is such an intensely profound time that it would be an opportune moment to start with the practice of meditation and thus make the most of this moment of total introspection.

-Koke Ortega-

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