Sol en Sagitario

Sun in Sagittarius


We are finally coming to the end of this challenging year and we do it hand in hand with the great SAGITTARIUS zodiac sign.

An expansive sign of optimism and joy!

Its energy encourages you to put into practice everything you have learned in 2020. How? Granting you enough strength to keep you in positive thoughts and attitudes.

Those born under this sun are generally people who are continually learning something new and who have a particular facility for transmitting their knowledge. They are the ones who are always willing to get on any means of transport to travel into the unknown and live a new adventure full of anecdotes. Their greatest characteristic is kindness, they are masters of generosity, the other is always ahead.

Positive and in a good mood? That can be the last name of any Sagittarius! These two characteristics, plus the component that they love to have new challenges, are the perfect ingredients that make them great entrepreneurs. On the other hand, they are also points that they usually have to work to keep them balanced, since they tend to cause a haze over reality and lead to some disappointments.

We left behind the Scorpio season, where we went inward to connect with ourselves, understand who we are, what we must let go of and where we are going. Now is the time to go out and share what we have learned with those we love, giving value to TIME, being responsible in how you use it and who you spend it with.

Obviously it is time to use this beautiful vibe that the “SAGIS” bring us! His sympathy, joy and spontaneity is so beautiful and sweet, that it is a great opportunity to take advantage and enjoy it, always CONSCIOUSLY.

Tip: Live in the PRESENT and ENJOY, always with GRATITUDE in the Sagittarius style!

-Koke Ortega-

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