Sol en Virgo

Sun in Virgo

Congratulations to the most PLANNED women of the zodiac! Happy return to the sun VIRGO!
Those of us who are lucky enough to have women with the sign of Virgo in our lives can consider ourselves very lucky! Above all, if we need structure, discipline and order in our lives.
People in Virgo are among the most planned of the zodiac. When we all want to escape routine, Virgo values ​​everyday life, having habits and living in pristine order. A Virgo friend is the one who organizes the perfect trip, has everything planned and doesn't miss a single detail , but please don't go out of schedule! Everything is strategically programmed !
Virgos are always at the service of others , they are excellent in helping to promote new habits , to put a little logic , rationalism and balance in life. They are loyal friends and so generous that they give everything for each other and they are also THE PERFECT SUIT COMPANIONS!
In these times, a Virgo woman will be one of those who try to make her environment aware of the need to be responsible in health care, of those who go 24 hours with gel alcohol , cleaning and disinfecting everything more often than anyone. If perfection existed , these would be the perfect women ! 
It is true that the search for perfectionism is one of his greatest challenges, the need to control and analyze everything does not allow him to take the step and launch into nothing without a prior logical-rational study . This causes that there may be a restriction of enjoyment, and little flexibility that causes frustration .
However, they are so intelligent and self-critical that they are capable, like few others, of seeing and correcting their own mistakes. The advice for this sign is JUST LET YORUSELF FLOW! Let yourself be a Virgo! There is nothing more wonderful in this life than the perfection of imperfection, not as the Japanese concept says , WABI SABI !
Tip: For this month and this year so necessarily imperfecto I recommend reading the book WABI SABI: learning to accept imperfection by the author Tomás Navarro , it is excellent!

-Koke Ortega- _

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