Our most special collection is called Our Soul because it represents -almost- all those things we believe in: intuition, feminine power, nature, eternal love...
The second part of the collection is called Your Soul and is made up of pieces designed by you, because we also believe in you.
The second edition of our favorite challenge of the year finally arrives.
It's time to get creative!
How do we start?
Download the template that you will find below.
Send us your design to
and above all, remember that there are no limits: all designs will be received with the same affection.
Until when can I participate?
Until April 11.
How is the winner chosen?
We will open voting from April 16.
Which is the prize?
We will make the most voted piece a reality and it will be part of the Your Soul collection. In addition, we will send the first piece to the person who designed it.
More info.
If you want to know more about the first edition you can visit the blog
& watch our IGTV
We will share the designs that come to us every day on instagram stories.