Aquello que nunca tenemos tiempo de hacer

What we never have time to do

Yes, we are going to propose to do everything that always makes us lazy: order, clean, untangle, match... Here are some tips:

1. Organize your jewelry

The dream of any girl. A great jewelery box that meets many requirements: that it is pretty, that all the jewels are visible, that it fits somewhere in the room at hand but that it is not in the middle, that it forms part of the decoration... Maybe we want too many things! !

Tip: jewelry is best kept indoors and out of light. That is why if you are going to have the jewels exposed (we all want to have them in sight to remember what we have) keep in mind that you should clean them more often.

Here are some of our favourites:

Selection of our favorite jewelers
1. Glass box with lid ideal for storing rings and pendants: Transparent glass jewelry box
2. To hang necklaces and bracelets: Jewelry Box
3. Box to store rings: Lacquered jewelry box drawers
4. To leave the jewels of the day to day. There are three shapes available: cactus, deer and unicorn: Ceramic saucers
5. Also thinking for the jewelry you use daily and want to have on hand: Vintage glass and old gold tray

6. If you want it to be part of the decoration... This is yours: Asmina Jeweler

2. Clean them

You will find many tricks to clean jewelry. Each one to choose the one they like the most.
- The most common: soap and water. Rub the piece with a little water and neutral soap to remove the layer of dirt. Rub the jewels with a soft cloth / chamois. Repeat the process if you see that it is difficult to remove that capita.

- We have chamois for sterling silver and gold-plated silver . The difference is that the one for silver has a chemical that restores the shine to the jewels. That is why we recommend using each chamois for each type of jewel. If you clean them often it will be much easier
- Be careful with the brushes to clean the jewels: they can scratch them and remove the gold plating.
- Aladdin for silver: a stronger and more effective product for silver. Follow the product instructions. If you want to see a tutorial on how to use it, leave us a comment on the blog post. This week we will be making video tutorials.

3. Untangle chains

If we kept the chains as it should... but we are always in a hurry and we take off our jewelry anywhere in the house (I include myself). And then the inevitable happens: suddenly the chain is a big knot and we don't find the time to entertain ourselves and the necklace becomes just that... a necklace.

Here a couple of tricks to untangle chains:
- Place the chain in the palm of your hand and make (gentle) circles with your fingertips until the knot opens a little and you see the light!
- Grab a needle or tweezers to remove the chain from the mess.
- If you keep the chains tied by the clasp, it is easier for them not to get so tangled. Or it makes it at least easier because the chain is double.
- Much patience.

4. Find the pair of an earring

We don't have the solution to find that earring you took off the other day and now you can't find it... but we have implemented a possible solution:
Send us an email to with subject: I MISS THE COUPLE. You must tell us the order number and the earring model that you have lost. We will send you a link with a discount for the earring you have lost. At can put it back on :)

5. That loose chain/pendant you don't know what to do with...

We all have pendants and loose chains that we don't wear because we don't know how to wear them...

Option A I have a pendant and I am missing a chain:

Discover here all the smooth chains that we have in our online store. Please make sure the pendant you have fits on our chain. You can write to us for any questions.

Option B I have a string and I'm missing something to hang on:

We have 12 pieces designed to wear with different chains. If you are not sure if our pendants fit on your chains... Write us!

Thanks for being here. We are going to continue trying to liven up the next few days with more posts and tutorials.

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