Eclipse penumbral de Luna Llena & Mi propósito de vida

Full Moon Penumbral Eclipse & My Life Purpose

Today, June 5 at 9:12 p.m., the first eclipse of the month will take place, we will have the second eclipse on June 21, but unlike today, it will be solar.
A penumbral eclipse occurs when the brightness or light of the moon dims slightly as it crosses the area of ​​penumbra cast by the Earth. Although these types of eclipses do not seem to be significant at an astronomical level, they are for astrology because they occur at lunar nodes or karma nodes. It is interesting since the analysis through the personal natal chart can show us where we come from and where we are going. That is, the mission of life, our evolution and what we bring from past lives that can be both innate abilities and what is stagnant and must be eliminated to advance.
Additional information : The relationship between the nodes and the eclipse is given that, with this eclipse, the nodal return in Gemini-Sagittarius occurs after approximately 18 years, it is the moment in which the activation of the North Node of Gemini occurs and as Consequently, the South Node of Sagittarius. 
Tip: Ask yourself what is my purpose? Dare to close a cycle in your life and start again in a different way, which allows you to connect with your essence, with your higher self and in this way connect with your life purpose and achieve evolution.
In the eclipse season, the universe will do everything to align you with your life purpose. It will reinforce and drive the changes in a very powerful way, and if you resist it, it can make the change process even more difficult.
To know in which signs your lunar nodes are located in your natal chart, you need to know your exact birth time as well as the date and place of birth. With these data you can enter to make your birth chart.
Remember! It will be a few days of a lot of energy that requires us to be calm, introspective and if possible practicing a lot of meditation!
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-Koke Ortega-

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