El día de la madre x heylove

mother's day x heylove

Mother's Day is coming up and at Heylove we want to recommend 6 plans that you can do with her to spend a special day together. It is important to spend time with our loved ones, but it is also important to spend quality time and enjoy that company to the fullest. Here we leave you our 6 recommendations!

1. Go to the movies or theater together

It doesn't fail. Find a movie she might like or a play and invite her to come with you! It is an intimate and special plan that you surely do not do very often, it is something that is usually done a few times a year.

  • A comedy: The game of keys
  • One of action: Ambulance. escape plan
  • An Adventure: The Lost City

For theater plans in Barcelona: Impro Show and El gran comediant.

2. A pottery class

Invite her to a ceramics class, it is a very fun plan in which you will surely laugh a lot and enjoy the moment together. In addition to spending an afternoon together, later you can take everything you have made and remember that moment when you are going to use it.

3. Go for breakfast or brunch somewhere special

Surprise her with 'brunch' at noon, a restaurant concept that you probably don't do regularly or that she doesn't know about. Catching up while enjoying a good breakfast or brunch may be the perfect plan!

  • In Barcelona: Brunch & Cake (there are many) & Les filles Café (C/ Minerva 2).
  • In Palma: La Molienda (C/ de l'Arxiduc Lluís Salvador, 9a, 07004 Palma, Illes Balears & Santina
  • In Madrid: Religion Specialty Coffee

4. A massage or beauty session together

If many of us like to take care of ourselves, our mothers certainly do much more. Sometimes we don't find the time or the moment to do it so it can be a good opportunity for a beauty session or a massage together. It is a good plan to relax, disconnect from work and stress from day to day and pamper yourself.

  • In Barcelona: Aire Barcelona (Paseo Picasso 22)
  • Casa Olea : you can't miss this little oasis in Barcelona.
  • Hotel Llaut: Carrer Residència, 1, 07458 Can Picafort, Balearic Islands

5. A surprise getaway

Who does not like to pack their bags and escape for a few days to discover a new place?
It is the perfect plan to spend a few days together and disconnect from the usual environment in which you usually see each other, surely you will share good times and you will have a thousand things to tell.

6. Only for the most daring. Make an earring together!

If what you want is to do something for life together... You can come and make an earring together at our Earring Studio in Palma de Mallorca or Barcelona.

And since you got here, if what you want is to give him one of our jewels, you have a -15% discount on the entire web with the code mumlove. We have a lot of variety for all the mommies in the world but a sure hit: the initials.

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