La vuelta

the return

Sitting in a coffee shop in my favorite dress, an iced latte, and the jewelry that has been with me for most of the summer. This is the first post that has nothing to do with jewelry or stars. I think the best way to explain what heylove means is to go a little deeper, in every way. Especially for those of you who don't know us in person.

Let's talk about the return.

It's hard for us to come back from vacation. Perhaps because it is the most desired moment of the year. The one that goes by quickly but that you later remember over and over again: the anecdotes; the places you have visited; the people with whom you have shared those moments; and, above all, the songs that played. We will continue listening to them and each one will take us back to that place .

We will return to our phone roll to look at the photos and relive all those moments. That's why we make them... so that any Sunday afternoon in the coming months we can remember how much fun we had and we can already imagine ourselves in next summer. Perhaps sharing a photo that was left pending with a nostalgic phrase. Although I am more of emoticons: they do know how to represent many sensations that I am not able to express with words. We will also come back to them every time we tell the stories because as much as you try to describe it...a picture is worth a thousand words.

Holidays: connecting and disconnecting.

That's what vacations are about: breaking with the routine, forgetting schedules, escaping... Doing everything that takes us away from our day to day. But just as important is connecting, having time to meditate, thinking about what you want and how you want it, to communicate with yourself. September is also a month of new beginnings. I still have the feeling that the year starts twice: in January and in September.

Someone recently asked me:
- How much do you like your job?
- I like it enough to want to return.

And talking to all the people around me I realize how important it is to enjoy (also) when you're not on vacation. Wake up and feel like it. How important is desire!

And speaking of the desire... How many did I have to open our store! As many of you know, we opened on February 14 and just a month later we closed. A Friday, March 13, when everything was very uncertain. Will it only be 15 days? No, it's been almost 6 months. We have kept in touch through our social networks; making shipments every week; and, above all, squeezing our creativity to the maximum to be able to offer you a lot of entertainment*... but to tell the truth... there is nothing like seeing you in person.

* I wanted to make a brief summary of all the things we've done during the months of confinement... but I think it's for another post on the blog.

the end of summer

The seasons of the year greatly influence our behavior and mood. According to studies on SAD ( Seasonal Affective Disorder) it affects more in winter than in summer and especially the countries that are further from the equator (because they have fewer hours of sunshine, among many other factors). One does not have the same desire when the cold arrives, but I do know that there are infinite ways to face it. The same as with any situation that arises in our day to day. Summer has that I don't know what makes us happier, more joyful, positive... That's why we wanted to engrave our favorite phrase on our packaging : Summer is a state of mind .

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