Sol en cáncer

sun in cancer

We enter the Cancer era once again! Happy Birthday to all those born between June 22 and July 22!
A different birthday, where at a social level we are experiencing one of the main characteristics of this great sign, which is connecting with home and family. We have spent almost 4 months complying with the state of quarantine, with the obligation, in many cases, to return to share with our families at home. Then, on the contrary, there are those who have spent these months away from the family with the challenge of cultivating patience for that long-awaited reunion.
So, surely, this served to reflect on questions such as: What is home? What does family mean?
Well, this is precisely what the energy of cancer talks about: the connection with that family nucleus where we feel protected and from which, despite this, we often want to flee. Women under this sun sign are very homely people, who are very good at caring for, protecting and nurturing others. Furthermore, their great romanticism, emotionality and fragility make them unique. However, they are women who fend for themselves. They are characterized by having a facility for leadership and reaching great positions, also for undertaking and being autonomous, that is, they are women with enormous character and immense conviction.
TIP It is on this strong character that they must work when there is a mismatch in emotions. The tendency to impulsiveness that they possess can lead them down complex paths. Why do we say that it is a mainly emotional sign? for two very clear reasons, firstly, because it is ruled by the moon and secondly, because it is a sign with a water element. And why can this be "complicated"? Well, due to the fact that their emotions can be as changeable as the lunar cycles. To this, as if that were not enough, is added the additive of being a water sign, that is, impulsivity and sensitivity can be very high.
For all these reasons, it is essential to take the time to reason before acting and to carry out therapies that help to travel the path of self-knowledge to learn to manage and balance emotions.
By nature it is a sign that is attached to the family. However, even as a family, they feel the need to isolate themselves and go through mood swings, emotional wounds and moments of reflection, closed in on themselves.
Cancers in general, with a high vibration, are beings that generate supportive, warm spaces, who know how to give and share and who have the gift of feeling what happens to others due to their immense sensitivity, even if they sometimes hide it. His greatest challenge is in achieving unconditional love for others.
Happy return to the sun Cancer! Enjoy your season! Reconnect and don't stop helping others to connect with that area that you know so well! THE FAMILY.

-Koke Ortega-

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