Sol en géminis

sun in gemini

We are launching a section on our blog: We love learning about signs, moons and astrology in general. Our friend Koke helps us on this issue, THANK YOU for being part of heylove with so much desire and emotion.
    Sun in Gemini refers to all those born between 05.21 and 06.21.
    New Moon in Gemini refers to the energy available to all signs.
    We arrive at a new return to the sun for the sign of Gemini.
    Women born with the sun in Gemini have overwhelming energy!
    We must know that when boredom invades us, the first thing we must do is immediately call our friend from the sun in Gemini! Do you wonder why? Simply because it will undoubtedly be the right person to motivate you not to sit still and will even give you a thousand options of plans to do at that moment! The Gemini girl constantly needs action, she is curious and wants to learn everything... She always goes further!
    In addition, she is a communicator par excellence and has the ability to unite different people, build sources of information, generate networking, study endlessly, write a blog... that is, to generate great ideas and strategies.
    Her ability to process a lot of information and different options at the same time and make decisions in record time makes her a woman with a brilliant mind. His mind is definitely his gift!
    Tip They must be disciplined to take advantage of this virtue because this excess of information and thoughts can lead to confusion and change their minds or decisions immediately, which produces frustration and does not help to achieve.
    new moon in gemini
    Additional information: on May 22 at 7:39 p.m. Spain, the new moon is perfected in Gemini , which gives us the possibility of renewing our energies focused on topics related to our studies and the way we communicate and connect with others.
    Let's dare to change! Sometimes it's just a matter of starting over.
    Hopefully this Gemini season brings us that freedom that we are learning to value so much!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    – Koke Ortega-

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