Sol en Leo

sun in leo

We are facing the season of the most attractive and strong women of the zodiac wheel, they have the ability to captivate us just with their mere presence, they have a brutal elegance and an attitude when walking that you cannot take your eyes off of them, they take absolutely all eyes, in the best JLO style.
LEO girls stand out simply for existing, they are confident, sociable, fun, leaders by nature and quite competitive, but no matter who they are, they were born to SHINE.
That light that LEOs radiate is undoubtedly to be shared with others , they are people full of generosity and they always help others to develop their full potential, to bring out the best in themselves , because they firmly believe that each being is UNIQUE. AND SPECIAL.
This Natural need to want to be the center of attention that characterizes those born under the sun in Leo, can lead them to fall into dependence on approval or applause from others. When they don't get it , "the sun stops shining" to directly begin to burn, not being able to bear being ignored, nor the criticism they may receive. This is because they suddenly feel that they are not special.
The Leo person in low energy becomes very egocentric and individualistic. Be careful Leo! Do not fall into that need to have approval other than yourself.
It is a month with a lot of energy available , with a lot of LIGHT. Let 's use it ! that the moment has finally begun when the fire starts to ignite and we begin to see the light again. Everything that we were working on inside us begins to light up little by little and you will see that those issues in which we felt more off or weak will begin to revive, to light up again.
It is time to manifest the leonine energy , it is time to BE THE PROTAGONIST of your own life! Have you asked yourself, what inspires you? What moves you ? EXPRESS YOURSELF! Listen to your heart , raise your voice, roar and SHINE!
Tip : During this Leonine season you feel too much energy and you have to know how to manage it, the level of consciousness of each one is key to channeling it in a positive way. For this reason it is a period to work on the ego and pride and of course it is also a month for LOVE, to socialize, have fun, share, present your project and to ENJOY that heat that the sun radiates and fills us with LIFE .

-Koke Ortega- _

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