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Types of earring closures

We help you choose earrings, and not because of the color, but because of the closure

Choosing the perfect earring combo is always a complicated task. As if deciding the color and shape were not enough, when we have already decided that the dilemma arises: gold or silver? Now another decision is also added, which closure will be the best?

To help you (a little) in the choice, we explain the types of closures that exist and the pros and cons that we see in each one. Of course, we are going to leave you some of our favorites to help you more, if possible.

snap closure

It is the most common and with which we usually feel most comfortable. One of the drawbacks... we lose, or what we usually say, we can't find the back. Luckily we always rescue that earring that we no longer wear and find the solution.
Our basic hoops are the perfect example with this type of closure. In addition we also have mini earrings in all colors and shapes with pressure closure.

Catalan closing

From the name, you probably don't know what closure we are talking about, however, we are convinced that your jewelry boxes are full of earrings of this type. The great advantage is that being a single piece there is no risk of losing any part.

We have a very useful tip in the case of these closures, if it doesn't "click" when closing, it's not broken! The solution is easy, you just have to play carefully with the earring stick up and down until you get it to fit the clasp.

hook closure

It will sound familiar to you because it is usually used in those longer earrings. As the name indicates, it consists of a hook that is passed through the hole and remains open. Therefore, it is very typical to end up losing one. Again, we have a solution! For those more clueless (we include ourselves) you can use the silicone closures that ensure that it stays closed and we do not lose it.

If you have a somewhat torn hole, we do not recommend this type of closure as it leaves the hole somewhat uncovered.

threaded closure

At first glance it may look like a pressure closure, the big difference is that the earring stick does not come out from behind since the thread has a stop. Although we don't have a wide variety of earrings with this type of closure, we have no doubt that we will add more to the collection shortly.

close congo

With this type of closure we believe that there is no middle ground... either you love it or you hate it! It consists of a thin stick that opens and fits with the other end by putting it through the hole. The love for it comes because once you put it on you make sure that it does not open and therefore there is no risk of losing it. Hate is at the time to put it, it takes a bit of skill, a pulse and of course, patience.

Luckily, we have a foolproof trick. Instead of putting the earring on backwards, you can tuck it in from the back to the front so you have more visibility on the clasp.

Now that you know a little more about the types of closures you can choose your favorite. In our collection we already have more than 200 earrings and we warn you, it is not easy to decide!

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