New section in our store Inspired by the cities .

Because we love to travel and get to know cultures, we have created this selection of jewels with cities around the world in mind. Thinking about the rhythm, the people, the colors and the vibe of each city. Discover the combo that you like the most and perhaps... your next destination.

bon voyage


If your city is Milan, daring and a lover of fashion. This is your combo! Also, the piercing that represents this city is the snug .

Here we have placed the tiny balls piercing but you can enter the collection and discover many more.

curated selection x milan

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If you like to live fast, you are dynamic and creative... your destination is the city that does not rest: new york.

Without a doubt, the piercing that best represents this city is the rook .

curated selection x NY

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Expressive, hospitable and with character. A charming city with lots to do.

You will not go unnoticed with the conch piercing.

curated selection x Madrid

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It is a city for dreamers and where its people have a great sense of humor.

Do not forget to add the tragus piercing to complete your combination of earrings.

curated selection x Helsinki

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Full of light with passionate and artistic people.

We recommend that you add a touch of ingenuity to your combination with the counterhelix piercing.

curated selection x Bogotá

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