What is necklace layering?

It consists of combining different sizes, colors and shapes of necklaces to complete your looks.
The more necklaces you combine... the better!


1. Keep in mind that most of our necklaces have an extension of between 5 and 10 cm. For example, a necklace that is 32 cm, with an extension of 10 cm reaches 42 cm.

2. The chains alone make a round shape and the pendants make a V shape. Mix and match without fear.

3. If you like two necklaces that are exactly the same size, don't panic! You can put the clasp of necklace 1 on the extension of necklace 2 and cross them.

4. Some necklaces have a fixed size because they are tied in the front. In these cases you will not be able to use extension cords. Mariner necklaces are designed to be worn with many charms and you can combine them with shorter and longer chains that do not overlap.