Las claves que harán que te enamores de nuestra colección

The keys that will make you fall in love with our collection

all the pieces of the our soul collection
Twelve pieces are the ones that make up the soul of heylove, our most special collection, designed and manufactured in Barcelona taking care of every detail in each piece, as well as its history and the meaning they want to convey. Hand-polished pieces of 18k gold-plated sterling silver with a matte finish, some of them with white zircons. Recognizing our pieces is a simple task, our moon is engraved on the back. They are for sale in our online store and showroom and you can buy them with a fine chain or loose.
The meaning of each one of them goes beyond what we see, each one tells a story that makes it unique, as much as the person who wears it.
Intuition : Beyond reason, we feel and understand immediately, it is not a gift, nor a coincidence, it is intuition.
The moon : Inverted, it symbolizes happiness, love and positivism. The moon is also the piece that represents women and femininity.
Real love : Not only is it a sign of love, the heart is the reflection of the soul and mind.
Save the bees: Limited Edition. Hexagon symbolizing a honeycomb with a bee in the center. The importance of caring for our ecosystem.
World : Globetrotters and lovers of the planet, this is your piece. We also like to call it “not yours” because the world belongs to everyone, not just yours. Take care of him.
On my way : Oval piece that represents the four cardinal points of a compass, the zirconia in the center is the needle, the guide that helps to search and find yourself.
The sun : Reflected in a piece that represents the sun, the energy that it transmits with the brightness of the zircon. Basic element for our survival.
Elements : Symbolic and at the same time very significant, this piece symbolizes the four elements of the earth: water, fire, earth and air, together in their balance.
Believe : A simple and elegant cross with zirconia. The beliefs that each one carries within.
You have it all : Or as we like to call it, “the everything”, it represents the sun, the moon and the stars, finding the e   balance in their union. Perhaps the most special because it is reversible by accident, or destiny? When we 3D printed the original, the moon was embossed on both sides. There are no coincidences: the moon had to be visible.
The eternal rose : Symbolizes love and reflects its fragility in the form of a rose. In addition, it represents our city of origin: Barcelona.
Midnight : Piece that best represents the essence of heylove, as in Latin, the moon is "the one that illuminates".
How about? I would love to read your opinion on the shape and meaning of each one.

the brave moon

Up to now, the Our Soul collection is completed by a very special piece that unites us all and makes us fight not only during the month of October, but every day of the year. It is about LA LUNA BRAVE, a symbol of femininity and the sign that empowers women. In this special edition we have changed our iconic white zircons for pink ones, a color that represents the fight against breast cancer. For this reason, we wanted to contribute our grain of sand by donating 100% of the profits to the AACC.
Last Sunday, November 17, during the women's race in Barcelona, ​​the first donation was made, the first of many, since there is still time to collaborate with this initiative. Each quarter the benefits of the piece will be collected and donations will be made, every drop counts and together we can do everything.
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Trato excelente. Joyas bonitas y de calidad. Mi tienda de referencia


Muchas Felicidades x este primer blog, me ha encantado, porque todo lo que hacéis es espectacular pero vuestra esencia va más allá de una pieza


El buen gusto y la estupenda atención, hacen de heylove, mi tienda de referencia!!!




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